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Sea Tractor that registered the value "Aquafunny" phase to the production phase of the service and guarantee users up and "Aquafunny Park" has always been next to the operator. Emphasis on quality as well as service users in addition to continuous Aquafunny has been and will be.

Color Options

You can buy in their own language that color Aquafunny sea tractor. Can be shaped as desired color wheel and you have a custom aquafunny enjoy.

You only need to specify the color you want then you can enjoy live type with special auqafunny.

Warranty available Worldwide

Aquafunny has 1 year warranty applies to all over the world. Aquafunny world tours with you on your boat may or "Aquafunny Park" might have been in your business. Besides the customers are always happy with the Aquafunny guarantee manufactured with high quality materials

Free Setup and Easy Installation

When you arrive you will be Aquafunny initial setup. However, you can remove and fit yourself without even need Aquafunny us your sea tractor. If you want to store Aquafunny will take up a lot less space. Installation is very easy and simple and intrusions. Can be easily disassembled in order to analysis leads us to the place you want.


Aquafunny Park, is today one of the most fun and most profitable investment. Aquafunny; seas and lakes, water sports, hiking to, and activities are suitable for personal use. As well as a variety of alternative parking for your customers you prefer to Aquafunny will become a reason.

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